Sara Boysen is a multi-disciplinary artist based out of northwest New Jersey. She studied architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design (2007-2012), where she also discovered her passion for photography and ceramics.  She is the 2017 Photography Fellow at Peters Valley School of Craft in Layton, NJ. Additionally, she is an adjunct Professor in Photography at Sussex County Community College, where she also serves as the Studio Manager for the Photography Department. She splits her studio time between fine art and production work, and is constantly searching the wild places near her home for inspiration. 

    Sara is constantly humbled by the deceivingly simple perfection of a feather or a seed. Balance and symmetry are often the rules nature adheres to, and the interconnected, cyclical quality of life is apparent in even the most commonplace objects scattered under our noses. In much of her work, she carefully incorporates treasures collected from her wanderings, attempting to let them articulate themselves. Occasionally, they reveal hidden, deeper meanings. She strongly believes that every piece of nature, no matter how small, has an important role to play, and a strong message to be heard if we are willing to listen.